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Mr.Biden, give me a break !

Yesterday, US. Vice President, Joe Biden mentioned clearly in public as below.

"Does he not realise we wrote the Japanese constitution so they could not own a nuclear weapon? Where was he in school?"
Joe Biden: Donald Trump can’t be trusted with America's nuclear codes

We, Japanese, already know dimly that our Constitution was written by a son of US Senior Military Officer of Occupation Forces staying in Japan for 7 years after WW-2.

We also know that the guy was a U.S university student majoring in International Law and he wrote Japanese Constitution as his summer holiday homework, which finally made him get the undergraduate degree at his university because of his "good job".
We know that....

But, it is the public secret in our country because it's a little bit humiliating, you know...
Of course, even that young guy never expected at that time that we, Japanese, have never changed even a single word of our Constitution after his "homework" was accidentally implemented in 1947.
There might be our problem on our side....
Anyway, it looks like the history of black joke, you know.

So, please do NOT disclose our shame in public 70 years later...
History is stranger than fiction....

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