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New York Times' article makes differences.

To The New York Times, thank you for your reporting on our national issue and distributing this to the world.
Top Finance Official in Japan Resigns Over Harassment Accusations

>In Japan, public discussions of sexual harassment and assault are avoided
>and such resignations are rare. But this year, the president of NH Foods
>stepped down after a junior executive with whom he had been traveling
>asked a flight attendant sexually explicit questions in an airport lounge.
>And last year, Yuki Kishi, a former executive creative director of Dentsu,
>Japan’s largest advertising agency, resigned from a company he had
>founded after a woman accused him of harassing her while they worked
> at Dentsu.

It is the serious problem but shame to say, our country historically can't fix our own problems by ourselves without the pressure from international community.

I think, your article could be turning points in our country for solutions.
Anyway, thanks.

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