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President Trump, you are great !!!

Actually, I had strongly hated his attitude as a politician and the way he speaks.
Now I change my mind and has even started to respect him as the real politician.
His advantage is, as he repeatedly mentioned in your speech, that he is really rich guy or billionaire by himself.

Because of his astronomical wealth, as he claims by yourself, he can be definitely free from any kind of political influence from outside.
That could be the biggest asset of President Trump.

And, as he always criticizes his political rivals, other politicians always switch their policies for their economic benefits from donors, what could be the most nonrelevant matter to President Trump.

I still can not agree with what he claims on everything from gun control, health care system, global warming to regional military conflicts, but, I simultaneously respect him only in the point that he never flatters to anybody and sticks to his own policy whatever it is reasonable or not from the view of third parties.

Now, he has been in "business trip" in east Asian region.
One more thing, I have to admit reluctantly, is that he has splendid "stamina" even though he is already over 70.
I heard, he never drinks alcohol and smokes cigarettes.
I have to admit his strong self-control capability to keep his stamina high.

He seems to be more attractive than what we thought initially....

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