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Sanders rescues U.S.A. !

Although I am Japanese living in Tokyo, Japan, I can not help being indifferent to U.S. presidential election because the political system of U.S. has big influential to the world 

Today, during lunch time, I watched CNN live at 2016 DNC(Democratic National Convention).
At the time, Sanders expressed full support for Hillary Clinton and finally approved her as democratic party's candidate with very clear expression.

His speech is so enthusiastic and impressive, which is completely lacking element in Hilary Clinton.
(Frankly, as Hilary's speech always looks to be so showman-type, I am always disgusted to hear her speech ! Hilary needs to study how to "pretend" to be sincere and honest person!)

Additionally, I hate current campaign finance system, which is represented symbolically by so called "Super-pack" that, in turn, brings profit only to the wealthy and ignores ordinary people like us.
In this meaning, I determined several years ago that I would NOT support "political elite" like Hilary !

However,after listening to Sanders' speech which strongly recommend Hilary and encourage his supporters to vote for Hilary, I changed my mind. 
If Sanders requests us to do so(actually he did at today's convention), I am willingly switch to Hilary just to prevent Trump from taking presidency.

Hilary !
You should abstain yourself, focus to keep eye on ordinary person and act accordingly....
If you do not take his words to your heart, we will immediately turn to Trump again...
Trump is very strong, so do not relax your guard.

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