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Upcoming IT Trend

Up to 10 years ago, we had not been allowed to escape from “Software Restriction”, which had forced us to purchase new licensed Windows OS and Application every 3 or 4 years, more worse, coupling with new hardware.

However, in 2005 and 2006, the rule of game was suddenly forced to change with advent of new IT devices ; tablets and mobile devices such as iPad, Kindle, Smartphone and etc.
These new devices allows device-owner to upgrade software just one click free of charge and makes us get rid of replacing new hardware just for software upgrade.
Additionally, many applications are becoming available free of charge at least for individual users.
This environment made big software companies such as Microsoft abandon the traditional business model (software selling style) and made them transform themselves to application and solution providing technology focusing entities.
This trend happened 10 years ago and is still continuing.

Next rule change occurred through the latter of 2000s to early 2010s.
Nobody can deny that Virtualization and Cloud technologies had drastically changed the business model applied by IT companies worldwide and, in result, Society itself during this period.
This change leads hardware companies to difficult time for business processing and many Hardware manufacture such as HP into bankruptcy recently.

The above rule changes made big impacts not only on IT industry but also on our daily life.
However, next generation technologies such as Crypto Currency, Block Chain, IoT and Artificial Intelligence are now in line to come.
Some portion of IT specialists have already fully understood the real impact of these new technologies and now making trial and error for implementation.
Nobody knows as of now what these latest technologies definitely bring us but we are still sure that more integrated IT environment might come.
The essence of Block Chain technology is the recurrence to back-end or infrastructure technology from high layer or application, which inevitably might diminish the business volume of software/application development vendor and instead accelerate data center business around the world.

This scenario is envisaged personally as of now but, as technology is advancing every moment, we need to be so careful not to miss small change.

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