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Time for Bernie !

I am a Japanese blogger living in Tokyo, Japan.
Some guys asked me "why does a Japanese like you have so much interest in U.S.politics? "
But from my point of view, the answer is very simple; "As U.S. has been the sole super power country in the world and still have big impact on world economic and political structure, why can anyone be indifferent to U.S. politics on the earth ?
That is the reason that I write down this blog....

After I read the book "Sons of Wichita" featuring on U.S. Super elite "Koch Family"recently, my social-politics philosophy was forced to changed from Neo-liberal to Social Liberal, which almost automatically made me change my support from Republican to Barnie Sanders, Democratic President Candidate.

The book is impacting me so much that makes me to investigate ongoing US Presidential election so closely and find that America is now in the huge transitional phase of its history.

Historically, America has been formed by Democratic System strongly influenced with "survival for the fitness"Capitalism, which has been almost different from the other Capitalism regions such as E.U., Japan and etc.
For example, in Japan, Capitalism has been built up during several centuries and is now in the stage of welfare-focusing-type or social-capitalism stage, where everybody can receive the benefit of basic medical service and higher education service at public university almost free of charge or provided with very small amount of money.
This philosophy has been nurtured in several centuries and is now being stable as it is while there is sometimes swinging from right to left or vice-versa.

On the other hands, for example, the tuition fee at U.S. top universities (e.g. IVY League) cost you around USD100,000 per year, which make almost impossible for middle class family to send their son to such top educational institutions.
Additionally, the medical fee and monthly insurance charge at U.S. is so expensive that middle class people can not receive the basic medical benefit even though U.S. is boasting of the best medical technology in the world.
It is cynical contradiction, I think and everybody might agree this.

Today's CNN news on Barnie Sanders is very simple but so persuasive.
Bernie Sanders says he met Pope Francis during visit to Vatican City

>His speech Friday largely echoed his usual remarks on the campaign trail in the United States: >that wealth is concentrated in the hands of too few, and the middle class is disappearing.
>"We can say that with unregulated globalization, a world market economy built on speculative >finance burst through the legal, political and moral constraints that had once served to protect >the common good," he said.

I think, it is time for America to rethink the social structure, which, up to now, seems to have been focusing on MONEY itself too much and ignoring the view of social welfare and equality.
I am now assured that U.S. is the most hierarchical society in the world whose philosophy is too much simple; the rich is becoming richer, the poor poorer and middle class is just disappearing.
The society featuring with the philosophy of "the rich is becoming more" is the one described by Karl Marx 150 years ago on his book "Captalism" as the perfect precondition ready for communist revolution.

America needs to be more relaxed society focusing on the power of middle class or ordinary people, not by governed by super elite class like Koch Family, Bush Family and Clinton Family.
I would like to expect Barnie as the one to gradually transfer America to welfare oriented society and in result change the economic and social landscape of the world.
In other words, the general and mild approach applied by President Barnie could be only solution to prevent the spreading the radical communism philosophy in U.S.

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