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Preface : "21st Century's New Slave System in U.S.A"

* This is Japanese blogger named "Naive Prince", an International business person in Forty-something years old and W.A. Authorized AICPA licensed to practice.

Preface written on Dec.20, 2014.

Our generation in my mother country(perhaps in any other countries) has been educated since elementary school that U.S.A. is the far richest country in the world and full of the opportunity or dream for everybody.
In this course, America, itself, has been always our icon and hopes, the image of which has been reinforced by Hollywood movies/drama and U.S. news such as CNN and ABC.

However, the other day, after reading the non-fiction book describing New Medical System or "Obama Care" signed by President Obama in 2010, I suddenly came to doubt the long-rooted beautiful image of U.S. society.
I can now envisage the existence of "21st Century's New Slave System in U.S.A", in which only 1% upper-class people monopoly "ALL Wealth" of the country.
(Ruler might be Wall Street Guys and Slave Master might be Lawyer.)

Fairly thinking, it is crazy that even the middle-class majorities can NOT access to the proper medical treatment due to unbelievable expensiveness of its medical service even though U.S.A is regarded as "the most advanced medical technique country" in the world.

I was so confused as an international business person to find the above reality of the richest country in the world, because, even in the developing countries, the middle class person can receive the proper medical treatment any time in their countries with reasonable medical fee.

Why do many middle-class people have to go bankrupt financially just for proper medical service in the most technically advanced and the richest country?
Additionally, although my business filed is mainly North Eastern Asia, South Eastern Asia and India, I have never heard in those countries that the middle class people encounter the financial difficulties just for the enrollment of the higher education or university.
Of course, in those society including Japan, the competition for higher educational institution is so intense but it is the matter of academic achievement, not the matter of the money like U.S.A.

I am now wondering that, contrary to the generally accepted idea which we are taught in Japanese education system, there might be possibility that we have to regard U.S.A. as the one of the most unsuccessful countries in the world, in which even the life of its nationals can be calculated in economical manner.

As I am now so curious about the reality of U.S. society, I will study it again now and plan to write down the outcomes in this blog in English for certain period.

Currently, many issues are coming to my mind including as below.

  • Is there any dramatic change in U.S. society in recent 10 or 20 years ?
  • What is the reality of the medical service in U.S.A for middle class people ?
  • How about the reality of the higher education in U.S.A. for middle class people ?

Maybe, during the course of my study and research, more and more topics will come to my mind.
In such case, I will add such topics any time in my blog.
Next time, I will proceed to Chapter 1, in which I will write down my crazy experience I encountered 20 years ago in job interview at Goldman Sachs Tokyo as an job candidate of fresh graduate.   

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