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Something is completely wrong with U.S.A.

I am a "yellow Jap" in terminology of K.K.K or White Supremacy, living in Tokyo.

One week ago, there was fatal crush between racist groups and anti-racism groups in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Always like this, since Trump's inauguration of U.S. President early this year.
I have recently wondered why such "a great country" is suddenly breaking up like this.

Trump defiant after outburst and GOP picks up pieces
>despite those anxieties, there have been no signs of defections from 
>Trump's inner circle. As of Wednesday afternoon, no members of Trump's 
>administration — including high-profile Jewish advisers Gary Cohn and Jared 
>Kushner — announced they were resigning. 
>Instead, officials described a heads-down attitude among Trump's staff,
>despite the growing controversy.

Neo-Nazi, Klan, White Power or something...
Actually, everybody is so fed up with this kind of low level topics...
Is this reality of the world or just reasonable conclusion guided by "original sin" of U.S. history ?
Extreme Capitalism(Mammonism), Gun Shooting everywhere in U.S., Disaster in Vietnam, Atomic Bombing in Hiroshima & Nagasaki, solid slave system in 19th century, Genocide of Native American and WHITE SUPREMACY.....
Problem is ; U.S. has never reflected themselves seriously.
Japanese still can't believe the mental status of American nationals for their justification of massacre in Hiroshima & Nagasaki.
Reflection, self-control and consideration might be indispensable for Americans now....

Something is completely wrong with U.S.A.
Pray for Americans from the small country in Far-East....

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