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(Propose) South Kuril Financial market, which can be the first market to open in the world.

I am Japanese businessman but I would like to devote this article to Russian government officers charging for economic development in South Kuril Islands.

This week, Japanese Priminister Shinzo Abe and Russian Presidenet Vladimir Putin discussed about the economic development cooperation between two countries.
While several economic packages are proposed, I think the effectiveness of each plan is doubtful.

My proposal for economic development strategy in South Kuril Islands is very simple.
How about establishing financial market in South Kuril Islands utilizing time difference ?
Time zone of South Kuril is 2 hours ahead of that of Tokyo, which means South Kuril Financial Market can be the first market to open in the world.

South Kuril Islands Time
At 9AM of South Kuril Time, Tokyo is still at 7AM.
So, I think, financial institutions all over the world will focus on South Kuril Financial Market.
Additionally, I think, it can establish very strong financial position when it accommodates natural resource and currency exchange option.

When global money is flowing to the market, you can easily expect the benefit of it !
I am wondering why our prime minister did not propose this idea to Russian Government.

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