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人気の長崎旅行3泊4日の記事(2016年5月4日)はこちら。→ https://kanashimi-kikoushi.blogspot.jp/2016/05/blog-post_4.html
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Very cynical but so funny !

I think, this guy(Tervor Noah)  is so talented.
American entertainers including him are sophisticated and simultaneously have the talent to give huge impact to us.

He cynically describes the battle between Donald Trump and Fox Reporter (Megyn Kelly) and his talks are so persuasive and fun !!!

In contrast, the quality of Japanese TV is so low, especially in political topics, where self-claim intellectual guys, actually just dreadfully boring people, mentions the "politically and socially correct opinions"all the time.

I think, the existence of "THE DAILY SHOW" itself proves the perfect example that US is democratically so matured society.
I really respect US society, even though your country encounter many problems as of now....

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