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Mr.Trump has the right to be racist and speak it out publicly !

I am Japanese Blogger living in Tokyo, Japan. (so called "Yellow Jap")

Recently, I was so disappointed to hear the recent cancellation of scheduled political rally by GOP Presidential Candidate Mr. Trump because of erupted violent protest against Mr. Trump in and out of Conference Hall in Chicago.

Actually, as  a "Yellow Jap"in K.K.K term, I strongly oppose to the political attitude and philosophy of Mr. Trump from my heart.
He is in insane and I also believe that Mr. Trump is the racist.
I know that Mr. Trump is enthusiastically supported by White Supremacy groups and Mr.Trump himself is enjoying their support.

However, even if I strongly hate his opinion and political view, I would like to protect his right to speak out his ugly words publicly.

I would like to put the article of New York Times of 1993, which I read during my University days.
This article is the story of the black lawyer who represented and protected the famous K.K.K leader in court to protect the racist's right of free speech.
→ A Klansman's Black Lawyer, and a Principle

I was so impressed with this article in 1993 and overwhelmed by the power of real democracy at that time.

American people!
Are you confident now that you correctly inherit the spirits of democracy when you intercept Mr. Trump speech at his political rally ???
Please do not intercept his ugly speech and just let him speak out as he likes.

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