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Chapter 1 : 21st Century's New Slave System in U.S.A.

* This is Japanese blogger named "Naive Prince", an International business person in Forty-something years old and W.A. Authorized AICPA licensed to practice.

Chapter 1 written on Dec.29, 2014

On sunny day in the afternoon of April, 199X, I was in the conference room of Goldman Sachs Japan, the world-famous investment bank which has been the one of the most prestigious financial institution in the world, located in Tokyo Business Area.
At that time, I was 4th grade of Keio University, major for economics.

The reason I was there was to have job interview for the new employee.
Because of my strong interest in financial system of Japan and U.S.A. at that time, especially for the direct financing scheme utilized by capital-hungry corporations by issuing stocks, securities, bonds and etc., I thought, it was good choice for me to look for employment at the most famous investment bank in the world.

When I was nervously waiting for an interviewer in the conference room, the young Japanese guy in Armani suits finally came to the room.
When I was asked the reason why I applied to Goldman Sachs, I honesty explained that I have studied financial system so hard during my university’s days and became to have more strong interest in Investment Banking system than Commercial Banking system.
I was asked some basic knowledge about financial system and terms, I think, I could reply perfectly to those questions.

After 20 or 30 minutes’ interview with that Armani Guy, another guy (who was also in bland suit) came to the meeting room and another job interview started.
This process was repeated until, I think, 5 or 6 Goldman Guys had the separate job interview with me, which took more than 2 hours in total.
Frankly, at that time, I felt good because, I think, my interview seemed to be well and my knowledge on financial institutions might be highly evaluated by these interviewers.

But, at the same time, the bad feeling came up to me…..
That is ; although all Interviewers looks to be the second half of 20's, most of their stories was just focusing on Money !
For example, when I asked those interviewers why they joined to Goldman Sachs after their several year's services at Japanese Commercial banks ?

One of the interviewer clearly mentioned to me, "Working for Japanese banks is hopeless and waste of time. At Goldman, you can get 1 million US dollars every year in 20's if you work hard. But at Japanese banks, because of seniority-base system, you can get one-tenth at best in the latter of 30's. It is so boring and dreamless. You see, the guy setting next to me in this office got 2 million US Dollars last year even at 27 years old. This year, that guy will get more than that."

At that time, what I would like to discuss was the aspect of the financial system such as the direct financing scheme, the role of Investment Bank in Japanese society and etc.
But, what made me confused at that interview was their story was just Money, Money, Money !!!!
Additionally, all of them are still 20's.
So, they should have focused on getting knowledge and experience at first but their story was Money matter only.

When I was asked about my desired salary level at other companies, I always replied at that time that salary-level was not my main emphasis at all and my interest was more on the kind of job I would be assigned or my business career I could build at those companies.
I strongly believed at that time that it was normal attitude as an university student looking for jobs but, the world of Investment banks seemed to be completely different.

Maybe, looking back from now, I was so naive to apply for job at Goldman Sachs.
But, it was also impressive experience for me which was both good and bad because they gave me a glimpse of logic or philosophy of Investment Bank, which was so greedy for Money.

As a business person living in current harsh worldwide competition, I am not object to the attitude for having strong passion for money, but, even though, I think, their attitude for Money looks to exceed the limit.

To be continued....

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