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South Korea Ferry Disaster ; Respect the management by Seoul.

Firstly, I would like to pray for the victims of this tragedy.

I am Japanese blogger mainly writing daily life and business life as an international businessman.
As I usually write my blog in Japanese, my mother language, I will write this article in English expecting to be read by South Korean.

Everyday, we encounter many articles about Ferry Disaster occurred off the coast of Jindo Island in south-western part of Korea Peninsula.
A number of high school student on board heading to southern resort area are unfortunately victimized and still missing.
It is heart-broken accident and, as all Korean Media are pointing out, the responsibility is mainly attributed to the ferry crews and also to Korea Government because of her poor management for this crisis.

However, I still believe, in this very tough and tragic situation, S. Korean government is still managing well to control the environment.
For example, Seoul issues warrant promptly to Ferry crews including the captain.
I was amazed to see the agility of this action, which, I believe, is the one of the endeavors exercised by S. Korea Government to control the situation

No one will deny that the accident itself is so tragic and needs to be investigated thoroughly to prevent the future disaster.
But, simultaneously, Seoul is managing well in this tough time comparing with Japanese government which has not taken any action yet against the person in charge responsible for the nuclear plant disaster that occurred in Mar.2011 in northern part of Japan.
(Actually, no one has not been arrested and prosecuted up to now. It is so amazing !!!! )

Again, I strongly respect the fairness and quickness of the action by Seoul for this tragedy.
I know that S. Korean people is now in self-torture mode and even lose the self-confidence at the front of this disaster, but, I repeatedly want to emphasizes that your government is doing much better than, at least, Japanese government in the face of destructive national crisis.

Finally, I would like to convey the deepest condolences to the victims and its families….

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